Summer is a time to go out for family activities, picnics in the park, pool days and much more. So you might be going out with your baby or toddler more frequently than before. It is important that you know how to dress your kids the right way. Dressing for the summer goes beyond just Cute Baby Shoes and involves some sort of planning and a little research won’t hurt. You need to keep your kid cool and comfortable at all times especially in times of higher temperatures.


Here are some things and pointers you can keep in mind when you are dressing your baby during the summer


Similar Outfits

Dress your baby in a similar outfit as you and I don’t mean matching colors or style (even though you can do that also) but matching the texture of clothes. Consider how hot or cool you feel and what you’re wearing and then model your baby’s outfit after what you choose for yourself. Don’t dress them in thick fabrics or fabrics that you might want to avoid for yourself. Make sure you don’t leave them overheated.


Bring Extra Clothes

Always bring an extra layer of clothing or two for your baby. I always do this for myself even as an adult because you can never fully trust the weather. Especially if you live in an area where the weather is erratic- cool one min and extremely hot the next and snowing by evening. You need to always be prepared. Park a light cardigan or a long sleeved shirt so when your baby seems cold you can layer up. It also helps if you are going to out till in the evening when the sun is down and it gets a bit cooler.



Bodysuits are a great option for both babies and toddlers and they work great in the summer months. Bodysuits will keep your baby cool as their arms and legs would be on display and they work great as a stand-alone outfit and together with a pair of shorts or pants too. And if you need to layer up, they serve as great layering bases. Really bodysuits can be worn with almost any outfit and so can be used in any season. Did whoever invented bodysuits get a Nobel Prize? Because they should!


Don’t Overdress your Kid

It is fun to put together different outfits for a baby and all but you have to lay low in the summer. Too many clothing items and accessories on a baby during the warmer months might lead them to be fuzzy and restless. Don’t pile on too many accessories like headbands or jewelry. Simple is better and will keep them more comfortable.


Accessorize with Cute Baby Shoes

Since your options to accessorize are limited in the summer, you can still do it by picking one stand out piece. If you have to go to a formal event or go somewhere special with the kid, you can still dress them light and finish off the look with a cute baby shoe. In the summer you can pick something in a bright color like teal or yellow or pink. It’ll look absolutely lovely and your baby will remain comfortable.


Accessorize with Hats

On some days this is even compulsory. Hats will protect your kid's face and head from the sun either when they are in the park, in their stroller, or even strapped across your chest or back.


Use Bright Colors

This is a no-brainer but is worth mentioning anyway. Summer is the time for bright colors and the kids should not be left out. Darker colors, absorb heat and retain it making your kid feel hotter than they should be. Also, bright colors are fun and bright and playful and fit right into the theme of summer.


How to Dress Your Kid for Summer Nights


Besides summer days, summer nights come with some uniqueness as well in terms of weather. Dressing your kid for a summer night would be quite different from daytime

As not all rules apply.

Sleep Sacks

Yes you can use sleep sacks in the summer months as well as other months. Just make sure they are comfortable and their room in the right temperature. Some people have said that wool sleep sack is a great option as wool is a great temperature regulator both for cold and warm months. They are also long-lasting and can be used for a long while and even for different kids.


Footed Onesies

Footed onesies are great as their keep your kid’s feet warm and comfy during the night when it gets a bit cooler. When it is cooler at night, the arms and legs are often the areas of the body that get colder more quickly and easily so covering them up is a good move. If it doesn’t get cool at night (or you don’t use air conditioning) then you can opt for sleeveless or short-sleeved onesies and a sleep sack.


Sleeping Environment

Several sleep experts say that in order to create a good sleep environment for your baby, the room needs to be cool, dark, and quiet. This is in addition to dressing your baby comfortably. If your baby is dressed comfortably but the sleep environment is noisy or too hot, then it’s mission unaccomplished. The sleep sanctuary, however, doesn’t always have to be the crib in your baby’s room. It can be a portable crib in another room or another house. The idea is simply to keep the environment similar. Once you have a cool spot, try light-blocking shades to make the room dark enough. To achieve that elusive silence, a white-noise machine can go a long way, as does heading off potentially loud events.



If you’re not sure if your baby is feeling too hot or too cold, check the back of their neck to feel their temperature. If the back of the neck is cool and dry, then you know they are not too hot. Also if your baby is too hot or cold they would let you know by either crying, being fuzzy and restless or by refusing to go to sleep. When your baby is dressed perfectly for the right temperature in the nighttime, it creates a perfect sleep environment and helps them get a more well-rested sleep.

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